About Our Process

How does this whole process work?

1. I come for the consultation and we discuss the design and fabric choices best for you and your project.

2. I work up a bid with the pricing and availability of the supplies needed and send it to you via email.

3. You review the bid and make a decision to move forward.

4. I collect the supply costs/sales tax to use to order the fabrics and hardware needed for the project.

5. After I receive the fabrics I get started on the fabrication of your treatment.

6. We set an installation date that works for me, you, and my professional installer.

7. The installer and I deliver the finished product on the agreed upon date and time.

8. I collect the labor and installation fees for the project.

9. We adore your beautiful new drapery treatment!


Do you have a portfolio?

Yes, I will bring it with me to the consultation for your viewing.


How long does it take to get the draperies?

Typically, after our consultation between 4-6 weeks before the installation date. There can be delays if the fabrics are on backorder.


Do you have references/testimonials?

Yes, upon request.


What methods of payment do you take?

I accept personal checks, cash of course, and I can process a credit card on a device at your home with PayPal Here or I can request money from you through a PayPal E-voice.


Do you bring fabric samples for me to look at in my home?

Yes, I bring as many fabric books with me to a consultation as my Mini Cooper can carry!


Can you work from a picture I have from a magazine or website?

Yes, I can modify an idea to fit your specific space.